Negrini O/U Luxury Italian Leather Sporter Shotgun Case (F/Ship)
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Negrini O/U Luxury Italian Leather Sporter Shotgun Case – 1654PL/5390


Barrel 33-3/4″ max


Fits: Over/Under
Low – High
Color: Black Leather/Bordeaux



Luxury Italian Leather Sporter Shotgun Case


The Negrini 1654PL/5390 sporter Italian leather shotgun case is perfect for any O/U trap, skeet or sporting shotgun with barrels up to 33.7″. The 1654 Series shotgun case features a padded luxury interior with separate compartments for your stock & receiver, barrel & forend and accessories. A high rib barrel sits vertical in the gun case with the forend off. There is extra room for the stock with high combs. This gun case is perfect for air travel, car, club and home.


  • PL – Premium Italian leather exterior cover with a plush padded luxury interior
  • PL finish comes with a free standard canvas cover!
  • 100% Italian leather


Negrini gun cases are designed with a ultra strong double wall ABS construction. Which consists of a thick thermoformed ABS outer case welded to a rigid thermoformed inner case. Negrini gun cases are fully cushioned and lined with a plush velvet or microfiber. Negrini gun cases patented double wall construction assures maximum shock absorption without breaking. Each gun cases is fitted with hardened steel combination locks and hinges. The locks are recessed to to prevent gun case damage on conveyor belts. Negrini gun case interiors are designed with separate compartments for stock and receiver, barrel and forend as well as accessories. All Negrini gun case materials used are certified to not out gas or corrode firearms. Many colors available. Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Gun Cases - 100 percent Made in ItalyInternational air travel certified
  • Hardened steel combination Locks for security
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Lightweight air travel without all the extra baggage fees
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Item #: 1654PL/5390
  • Manufacturer: NEGRINI
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1654
  • Condition: New

Negrini O/U Luxury Italian Leather Sporter Shotgun Case (F/Ship)

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