Ameristep Brickhouse 360Blind
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Product Information


  • Spider Hub technology for rugged durability
  • Shadow Guard interior for increased concealment
  • Waterproof outer shell with 360 degree viewing
  • Includes stakes and high wind tie down ropes


The Brickhouse has been a staple in the Ameristep line for years because of its versatility and rugged durability. The Brickhouse is large enough to draw a bow back and there is plenty of space for moving around, making it a solid choice for the archery hunter. The blind is easy to set-up and is very stable, even when conditions are windy. The Shoot Through mesh window openings make using a firearm quick and easy. These are easily opened and closed with hook-&-loop fastener.  The 10 window opening use the Silent Toggle system to easily adjust the windows. The Brickhouse includes a backpack carrying case which makes transport a breeze.


Technical Information

Shooting Width: 75"

Height: 67"

Footprint: 59" x 59"

Packed Dimensions: 8" x 42"

Weight: 18 lb

  • Item #: J7161
  • Manufacturer: AMERISTEP
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7161-28-601
  • Condition: New

Ameristep Brickhouse 360Blind

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