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We have been custom loading superior, precision ammunition since 1988 for discriminating hunters who realize

that the success of their entire hunt, whether it be a once in a lifetime Marco Polo sheep hunt, an African safari

for Lord Derby Eland, or a local outing for deer, depends upon the performance of their ammunition. If your

ammunition does not perform perfectly, and you fail to take your game cleanly, then all of the time and money

you have invested will have been wasted. All things considered, your ammunition, while being the single most

important part of your entire hunt, can be the least expensive single item even when using the best precision

loaded ammunition available. Why take a chance with factory ammunition that was produced at a rate of several

thousand rounds per hour by a machine? Our ammunition can be trusted for your hunt of a lifetime!

ADVANTAGES: All ammunition is custom loaded utilizing only the finest premium components available,

under the strictest quality control measures using techniques and equipment that are normally reserved for the

assembly of bench-rest grade target ammunition. These are techniques that a factory cannot use as they must be

performed individually by hand. Our ammunition is more accurate because it is more uniformly loaded than

factory ammo. This is due to the fact that each powder charge is individually weighed, a process that is not

possible with machine produced factory ammunition. Each primer is seated by hand to the proper depth after

checking the uniformity of the primer pocket and de-burring the primer flash hole. This process ensures

consistent ignition of the powder charge, and greatly increases the accuracy potential of the ammunition. We

also offer additional services such as reduced loads for the larger magnum calibers for practice prior to a big

hunt, or for use on smaller game. We can also offer a larger range of bullet weights and styles for many calibers

thereby increasing the usefulness of any rifle. All ammunition is packaged in 10, 20 or 50 round plastic

containers that are approved for use during airline travel


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