Negrini 20 ga Shotgun Wood Cleaning Kit
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5024F – 20 ga Shotgun Wood Cleaning Kit



20 ga Shotgun Cleaning Kit, 5024F/4987

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20 ga Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Negrini of Italy makes the highest quality cleaning kits for you prized shotguns. All 100% made in Italy with the best materials. This shotgun cleaning kit is housed in a thermoformed ABS Negrini case. With a separate compartment for each piece. The 20 gauge shotgun kit is finished with a padded upholstered top and two silver latches.

20 ga Cleaning Kit includes 

  • Burmese Teak & brass cleaning rod
  • Hurricane brush
  • Bore brush
  • Wool mop brush
  • Stil Crin Oil
  • Inside a Negrini ABS case Black/Black
  • 100% Made in Italy

About Negrini Cases

Ultra strong double wall construction consists of a thick thermoformed ABS outer case welded to a rigid inner case. Patented double wall construction assures maximum shock absorption without breaking. Hardened steel locks and hinges are recessed to to prevent damage on conveyor belts.  All materials used are certified to not out gas or corrode firearms.

  • Ultra light weight, Ultra strong thermoformed double wall ABS




Case Weight

1.05 lbs.

Case Dimensions (ext)

L11.75″ x W5.25″ x D2″

Case Type


  • Item #: 5024F – 20
  • Manufacturer: NEGRINI
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5024F-20
  • Condition: New

Negrini 20 ga Shotgun Wood Cleaning Kit

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