Pro-Aim Shooting Gloves
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The Pro-Aim Glove is available in three styles

Each style is available in three colors

Each pair comes in Small, Medium or Large

Pro-Aim gloves are designed to be washable

Pro-Aim gloves are used for pistol and rifle

Pro-Aim Shooting Gloves enable the capable hand gun user to do with one hand what previously took two. Our gloves also provide wrist support for rifle shooters. We feel, with or without the removable brace inserted, our shooting gloves are the best available



The Pro-Aim Glove: 22 parts and processes help keep you on target




There are 22 distinct parts and processes in each Pro-Aim glove, with specific materials chosen for each one. The glove is designed for functionality. The Pro-Aim glove is engineered to provide the ultimate in performance and wearability.


  1. Entire palm side of glove is made from Amara suede (a washable synthetic suede), with double reinforcement in critical areas for padding and wearability

  2. Internal Gel Pad in palm provides a comfortable custom fit

  3. Rubberized Printed Bullseye Logo for a better grip

  4. Spandex Webbing Wrist Strap with Velcro Closer System aids in rigidity of wrist

  5. Embossed Amara Padding adds style and protection

  6. Black Neoprene for a tight, comfortable fit

  7. Black Terry for a comfortable fit around the thumb area


Pro-Aim gloves are designed to be washable




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Pro-Aim Shooting Gloves

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