Ranger Falcon Shield (Free Shipping)
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For the last few years, loyal Ranger customers (and would-be Ranger customers!) have been asking Randolph to bring a shield-style frame to the market. Meeting our high expectations, our engineers have created a frame we’re proud to put the Ranger name on.

The RANGER FALCON SHIELD has no center obstruction. Named after the legendary F-16 Fighting Falcon, an American fighter jet known for having a cockpit with an exceptional field of view, the Falcon's shield design allows shooters an exceptional view of their target with near perfect optical clarity. This frame comes in two sizes.

Product Features Include

• No center obstruction on lens for a better field of view 
• Package comes with three interchangeable lenses
• Frames come in two sizes (65mm or 73mm)
• Available finishes: Matte black or Pewter
• Bayonet temples

Falcon Shield: This 3 lens kit includes the following tints: Dark Purple - A great lens for very bright conditions. Provides contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction and snow. LT-30.33%


HD (58)- Offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast while perfectly targeting the shooter’s mark. This lens is the expert choice for medium light conditions.


Medium Yellow - Highlights orange clay targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions. LT-83.69%


  • Item #: B-RFS
  • Manufacturer: BRILEY
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RANGER FALCON SHEILD
  • Condition: New

Ranger Falcon Shield (Free Shipping)

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