Remington Shotshell Wads 12 Gauge TGT12S 1 oz (5000)
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Remington Shotshell Wads improve patterns and produce more reliable gas sealing. Remington Wads feature the famous power piston design that helps reduce felt recoil while providing a positive seal in the barrel.

Technical Information

Material: Plastic

Length: 1 3/4" (for use in 2 3/4" shells)


  • Extended Shotcup for huge payloads.
  • Stitched petal design that helps keep wads separated for easier loading

    Wads are essential for shotshell reloading. They fill extra space in the hull to make sure there is no room for the shot and powder to move around. They also act as a barrier between the powder and shot charges to ensure proper powder ignition, protect the shot from hot gasses and seal gasses behind the shot so that it can be propelled down the barrel. The wad also acts as a dual barrier to protect the barrel from becoming damaged by hard shot and to protect soft shot from becoming deformed by contact with hard barrel steel
  • Item #: REMTGT12
  • Manufacturer: REMINGTON
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TGT12
  • Condition: New

Remington Shotshell Wads 12 Gauge TGT12S 1 oz (5000)

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